10/12/06 Next Step: FRIDAY!

Family and Friends,

After days of making increasingly assertive calls to both the oncologist and the surgeon to get them to talk to each other, we have results. TOMORROW (Friday) I will have a procedure to remove all the lymph nodes within reach of Dr. Handy's scope. They will biopsy the lymph nodes, and we will find out the results by Monday. If the lymph nodes are cancer free, my surgery will proceed on Tuesday as planned. If not, I will have 2 more rounds of chemo before the surgery, which would mean having surgery sometime around Christmas. Please send whatever prayers or positive energy you have my way for good results!

Dr. Handy will make a small incision in front of my trachea and remove the lymph nodes using the same minimally invasive technology that they will use for the main surgery. It should take about an hour, and is scheduled for 12:30 PM Friday. They will send me home a few hours later, after the general anesthetic wears off.


Dann and Genevieve