10/13/06 Good Day at the Hospital

Family and Friends,

Just a (relatively) brief note to let you know that today's procedure went very well. Dr. Handy didn't visually detect any signs of cancer in the lymph nodes and was pleased with how quickly I bounced back in the recovery room. He told us to expect to proceed with the surgery on Tuesday unless he calls Monday with biopsy results that are different than what he is expecting. We LIKE that optimism!

The procedure was quick, and I was out of the hospital 3 hours later. My throat is sore and I'm a little groggy from pain meds. However, we're happy to have a successful "dry run" at the lung surgery behind us, and to have the doctor's optimism to buoy our spirits.

Next step: This cancer is going OUTA HERE on Tuesday unless you hear otherwise Monday evening!


Dann and Genevieve