8/4/06 Dann’s Health: Phase 2

Dear Family,

We received results of my pathology report today. Though we didn’t get the near-perfect answer that we wanted, the results were still positive. We found out that I have malignant non-small cell cancer. What this means is that it is NOT the aggressive type of cancer, and I have a great chance of a positive long-term outcome.

On Monday I will have a Pulmonary Function Test to see how well each of the lobes of my lungs are working and to establish baseline functioning. On Tuesday I will have a PET scan. The PET scan will tell if the cancer has spread. I don’t know how quickly we will get those results, but I assume it would be within a day or two at the maximum. Next we will meet with an oncologist and most likely also a pulmonary surgeon, but I will get that sequence confirmed on Monday. After consultations with the oncologist and pulmonary surgeon, Genevieve and I will work with the doctors on the best plan of attack.

We are extremely fortunate that our good friend Rebbecca is the former Oncology Unit Head Nurse at Providence St Vincent, and is a resource both for treatment information and treatment providers. As a big bonus, she is now high enough up in the Providence health care system to carry a lot of clout if/when we need the system or providers to be more responsive. Gen is also knowledgeable about who the top physicians are in different specialties, so I can really trust that I will see the right people and that the right things are going to happen. Of course, Gen is so much more than the term “support system” conveys. She helps so much with my strength, attitude, and focus, and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

I have already told this to some of you, but I want each of you to know this. I am in an extremely good position to be one of the success statistics. You are part of the reason. I have everything going for me. Here is what I know that works, and that I have working for me:

• A strong will to live
• A positive attitude
• A healthy lifestyle
• An outstanding support system, including each of you. It makes a tremendous difference in outcomes, and I appreciate you very much.
• Many people of all faiths are praying for me.
• Visualization: I have been visualizing shrinking the tumor up like a dried prune, and tying this in with meditation.

Your prayers are very much appreciated. And if you don’t pray, think dried prunes.


Dann and Genevieve