July 19, 2008 Got a New Scan, Dann

Family and Friends,

The latest scan results are in, and I am still cancer free. It has taken a day to go from relief and a little numbness to excitement. How much better does it get than this? Life does not look like it will be hanging in the balance any time soon.

Getting cut off in traffic, strangers who don’t say thank you when you extend a courtesy, a return phone call at work that doesn’t come when promised… All the little annoyances of life again look so LITTLE. But time will dull the perspective, and these petty little things will again become irritating. And at that point I will know that there is so much to be thankful for, because if the biggest thing we have to worry about is five seconds of contact with a stranger, life is pretty darn good.

Love to all.

Dann and Genevieve