CT Scan Results October 20, 2011

Friends and Family,

Genevieve and I met with my oncologist before my chemo session today and got the results of my CT scan. The cancer didn't shrink, but it also didn't grow. However, the greatest hope has always been in the upcoming gene therapy. Any shrinkage from the chemo would have been a bonus.

Based on these results, I'll have just one more round of chemo in another three weeks. After that, I'll take a med called Avastin every three weeks. It keeps the cancer from growing all by itself. That usually works for another 2 to 20 months. Side effects are next to nothing compared with the full chemo.

When the cancer starts growing again, I'll start on the gene therapy medication called Tarceva. The timing is extremely fortunate for me, since this med just came on the market two months ago. It's a pill designed to stop the cancer from growing or shrink it. Better yet, 8-10% of the time, the cancer goes away completely. My oncologist thinks my odds are better than that, because the med works best on people who are in good shape and non-smokers. I have every intention of being in the 8-10% group.

Thank you again for all your expressions of caring. They are very much appreciated.