CT Scan Results Feb 5, 2012

Friends and Family,

I had a CT scan of my lungs this past week. Genevieve and I had been getting increasingly tense and preoccupied for the week leading up to this scan. This was my first scan after being on only Avastin, so we didn't know if this Chemo Lite was doing anything. if it doesn't work, I lose a safety net. For as long as it works, Avastin keeps extending my life.

The results are in, and the Avastin is working. There was no growth in my lung cancer. The scans will be nine weeks apart, so every "no-growth" scan means my life is extended another 63 days. Every one of these days feels like a gift. Of course, the hope is that when I eventually start the targeted genetic therapy (Tarceva) it will eliminate the cancer completely.

People stay on this Chemo Lite for anywhere from two months to 20 months. I've been on it for nine weeks. No surprise here, but my goal is to set the record!

Thank you for your continued positive energy, prayers, and love. You are making a huge difference. It's been six months since I was diagnosed, and with the exception of minor symptoms, I feel as healthy as I did a year ago. My hair has even grown back. (Thank you, Miracle Grow!)

Just like last time, the grey hairs came back first, though for some reason more grays filled in than when I went through this five years ago. Genevieve has even trimmed my hair three times. Because the longer grays were covering the black hairs, each time my hair looked darker after it was trimmed. If this keeps working, I'm thinking of having Genevieve cut my hair indefinitely.