Gratitude and Appreciation August 17, 2013

Friends and Family,

The news on this end continues to be upbeat. My breathing keeps getting easier, and the already-minor side effects from Tarceva are less noticeable every day.

The warm smile on my oncologist’s face this week was the clearest way of telling us the good news. For those of you who weren’t there with Genevieve and me to picture his smile, he said that there is no point in giving me a CT scan before October, because everything is going so well.

One of the life-changing gifts that cancer has given me is a much greater sense of appreciation. I appreciate every sweet breath I take, blue skies, architecture, a friendly dog, chewing gum. It’s a really long list, but especially, I appreciate each of you. I have a very strong feeling of gratitude because you are a part of my life.

Gratitude is another one of the greatest of gifts cancer has given me. I am grateful for every day, because I know every one of them could have been taken away from me, and I don’t know how many more I will get.

AND NOW, I HAVE A FAVOR TO ASK OF YOU. Would you share with me one thing in your life for which you feel grateful? It can be very simple or very profound, a single word or a five page essay. It’s just that I’ve been droning on and on about my health for such a long time, and it would do wonders for my heart to have a conversation that isn’t all about me and my health. I’d love to know what means something to YOU. Even if I know you very well, you may surprise me.

With love and gratitude,