Genevieve's Healing Art #1

Genevieve has been doing everything within her power (and then some!) to help me beat this cancer. One of the things that she has done is to create a series of artwork. I will add these to my blog on a fairly regular basis.

Here is what she says about her art:

"My art is greatly impacted by the energy of healing it can impart to the viewer. I believe intention and symbology can awaken the chirotic point,a place where the optic nerve interfaces with the brain and the subtle properties of healing energy are perceived and received by each cell in the body."


The first series of artwork I completed during the long hours in the chemotherapy clinic. Each session was a full day affair. Dann was in Chemo from the end of August to December.

I started the series with the intention of having artwork in our daily environment that would give subtle healing messages. Each series of 6 pieces of work represented a piece of the healing process.


"Green representing the heart energy . The orange circles are the mutant genes leaving, kicked outby the strong green resilient energy of the high heart."