Smooth Sailing September 20, 2014

Friends and Family,

Yesterday was another day that could not have gone any better!

We met the Interventional Radiology (IR) doctor just before the procedure. I asked him if he knew why we're hoping he'll use the "little guy" tumor if possible. He told me it was probably in my chart. His "Fellow" (trainee doc), who had done his homework, was able to tell him that using the larger tumor would delay the start of my treatment by almost four weeks.

Next I told him that I was willing to tolerate a little more risk in going for the harder-to-get "little guy," in exchange for starting treatment sooner. He agreed to try. Again, it pays to be your own advocate!

I also handed this IR doctor a piece of paper and asked him to read it to while I was under sedation. Here is what I asked him to read:

"You're going to start shrinking all your tumors and the cancer in your bones right now, and you're not going to stop until it's all gone from every part of your body. Make it happen, Dann! Don't wait for medication to do it!

And so it is."

He gave a less than committed response, but his Fellow promised to make it happen. Better yet, after they left, Anthony, my nurse, told me that he would read it, because he understood what I was trying to do. He said he would try every possible approach to healing if he was in my shoes, because we just don't know what will or wont make a difference.

Anthony read it to me three different times during the procedure, more than I had asked for.

I'm not sure that Anthony has more than a vague idea how much this means to me, since I was too groggy to express myself, but he will. I will be sending him a thank-you letter today. Whether this hypnotic suggestion works or not, his caring left a big impact on me. It doesn't always take a tremendous effort to make a difference in people's lives. It just takes showing that you care.

I made it through the procedure without any complications, and the IR doc was able to use the smaller tumor. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! All systems go!

Tuesday we're off to Hawaii to think about sand and surf and the beauty of the world, and being T790 positive, and not all that much more.

We will find out if I get in the study in about two weeks, when we get the biopsy results. Until then, thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers, and for visualizing T790.

What you do really does make a difference.