Patience: Be the Bear - February 4, 2015

Friends and Family,

Remember how I had an Attack of the Whinies the last time I wrote? It was partly about my back, and partly still feeling grumpy about my last CT scan, which showed one little critter shrink… while another one grew.

What Dr. Patel said: “Your cancer is stable.”

What Mister Rabbit Ears heard: "One of the mutants found a way around AZD9291. Your lung spots are expanding faster than urban sprawl.”

Yes, that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Dann’s disaster-focused imagination.

However, my mood has been improving since last week, when I asked Dr. Patel to explain how he could call the last scan stable.

Pshaw! That spot that grew was so tiny, it’s probably just an odd speck of non-cancer! Even if it does turn out to be cancer, it’s isolated, so we’ll just give it a few zaps of radiation and put it out of its misery. It’s not an army, it’s at most one stray soldier.”

Okay, so those words aren’t exactly what he said, but close enough. I’m calmer now. Really.

My mood is improving even further because of progress with my back. Pit bull determination paid off, so I got a cortisone injection last Friday from Dr. Payne (Dr. Mark Kallgren). I just couldn’t tell how much it paid off until I went to my PT today and found out how much better I can move. I should get the full cortisone effect between now and next Wednesday. Here’s hoping the progress continues, because, well, I need to take lessons on patience from the bear.

Time to start meditating. Be the bear.... be the bear...