AZD9291 Gets Approved!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that AZD9291 has been approved by FDA! This drug finally has a name, Tagrisso (osimertinib). The drug is approved for people who have the EGFR mutation, which also has the T790M mutation. The official FDA press release can be seen at

Since there were only 411 people in the world in the Phase II trial that I was in, I feel extremely fortunate to have already benefited from this drug for the past 13 months. I am also thrilled that my own success has added a small fraction to the research that has proved this drug to be so successful that it was approved in the near-record time of two and a half years!

Better yet, I am now excited about all of the people who will now be able to extend their lives, and their quality of life! Today feels like a holiday! 

To all of the researchers at Astra Zeneca, and all of the clinical research teams, including my own team at UCSD, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your extraordinary work. Because of you, I am still alive. Now, so many others will be able to say the same.