Fight Lung Cancer With One Finger

Friends and Family,

There are two easy ways that you can help fight lung cancer using just one finger, and I’m going to make it even easier. Just click the links. Here they are:

1) In 2009, Congress allocated $20M per year for lung cancer research. It has never been close to that amount since. To sign the petition to restore funding, take action here. I have lobbied for this same $20M in Washington for the past three years. You can do it without all the travel. THE DEADLINE FOR SIGNATURES IS MARCH 26TH.

2) The Lung Love Run/Walk Portland is coming up on Saturday, June 22nd at Laurelhurst Park. To join my team, Live Lung and Prosper, to donate, or form your own team, click here. Funds for this event will go to cancer research and advocacy through Lung Cancer Alliance, the organization I support in these efforts.

You can do all this with one finger if you’re a hunt ‘n pecker.

Let’s kick some cancer booty!