LUNGevity HOPE Summit

I'm going to Washington!

Every year LUNGevity holds a HOPE Summit in Washington, D.C. This year it is on May 1st to May 3rd, and I'm going.

I learned about the conference last year, but didn't want to go. Just like Groucho Marx once said,  "I wouldn't belong to any club that will accept me as a member."

I thought that getting a couple of hundred people with lung cancer together in one place could lead to all kinds of negativity, despite the name of the conference. So I didn't go.

HOWEVER. Over the past year I have gotten a different view. I've looked at it with much more, well, hope after more contact with a number of bloggers, people in online open forums, and people who have commented on my blog. The view from here is looking pretty positive. Maybe it actually COULD be a Summit of Hope.


Craig told me that LUNGevity was providing scholarships, including travel, accommodations in a fancy schmancy hotel, and a couple of meals a day to first-time conference attendees who simply apply. So I did, and, surprisingly, it was that easy. Free. No catches. 

If you're interested, go to and click on the Events tab. This is a great site for a lot of reasons, and this conference is just one of them. Look around while you're there.

I'm going to find out who actually pays for these scholarships. I have one more reason for gratitude, and I'd like to thank the benefactor.