New CT Results, and Requesting a Little Hope

Friends and Family,

My latest CT scan results are in, and things remain spectacularly unchanged. Can you see my smile from there? :-) I feel increasing gratitude after every scan, because I can’t count on this lasting forever.

I know this because the New England Journal of Medicine just published the Phase I trial results for AZD9291 ( The average time people stayed on the drug before their cancer started growing again was 9.6 months. If my results are average, I have a couple of months before things change. I don’t plan to be average. I’m treating the stats like you would a pole vaulting competition. Somebody has to set the record. 

Ever since I ran into a guy at the LUNGevity Hope Summit who had been on Tarceva for eight years (roughly seven years longer than average – and still going), it has raised my level of hope.

How much difference can hope make? How much difference can love and support make? This is where I’m asking for your help.

Two things. First, I’m asking if you will send me your images of hope. In my last blog entry (below) I posted a couple of images of "Hope" that I found in Washington DC. I’m hoping you will help me expand that list by emailing more images to me. It makes more difference than you can imagine. As proof, those images you sent to me of light zapping the cancer and healing light a few months ago kept me (and many others) flying for months!

Second, I’m inviting you to join me for the Lung Love Run/Walk on Saturday, June 20th. My very own team, “Live Lung and Prosper,” welcomes new members and/or donations at If you join by this Friday, June 29th, they can still guarantee you a tee shirt. After that it’s a gamble. (Sorry, it’s the real estate agent in me. Gotta create a sense of urgency.)

OK, I held back the best part of my CT scan results. It showed that my Swiss cheese hip bones and spine are turning solid again. Was this improvement caused by the AZD9291? Was it caused by the bone strengthening (Zgeva) injections combined with calcium supplements? Was it the healing light sent by y’all???

Hoping everything is going well for you, too.



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