10/18/06 CANCER FREE

Dear All: Dann is "CANCER FREE". That is the bottom line.

So, this is the rest of the story. Dann went in Tuesday, a very good day to have surgery. His surgery lasted a shorter time than expected and it was very successful. Dr. Handy removed the upper lobe of the left lung easily and all went very well. He did find cancer in the lymph node that was closest to the tumor but they got it all out. It was the lymph node that shrunk with the chemotherapy. So, the good news is that the chemotherapy cocktail is effective for Dann's cancer and the next 2 rounds after surgery will be preventative to make sure any stray cells that even think about growing are zapped! This should be completed by Christmas. His 2007 New Year's resolution is to "grow and have hair".
I went in this morning (Wed) and Dann told me he had been exercising in bed . He wanted to start his rehab, however, this was 3AM. He did find he got tired easily and after the nurse told him it was not such a good idea, he has decided to modify his exercise plan. He transferred out to the unit this afternoon and after getting his pain under control is feeling very chipper and alert for a guy going through such a major surgery. I would not be surprised if he was out on the golf course in 2 weeks. That is what having a great attitude and a lot of support does.... you believe it and it is so. This has been a long haul and I am feeling very relieved he is in the final stretch. I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your support and the love that you have surround Dann and I with these last several months. He is the light of my life and a wonderful man... He has gone through this ordeal with grace and courage. I think the things that have helped are all the support, prayers, love, light, positive thoughts and energy from all of you. Dann will be coming home towards the end of this week. He is a model patient in terms of attitude but I think I will have to tone down his enthusiasm towards the exercising. All prayers are answered and so it is...

Love, Genevieve and Dann (in absentia)