11/8/06 3rd and Final Phase of Treatment

Family and Friends,

Recovery from surgery has gone very well. Since a week after surgery I have been walking up and down the hills of NW Portland twice a day for a total of about 6 miles on most days. I started back to work roughly half-time last week and 3/4 time this week. I also regained the 8 pounds I lost after surgery, so I don't have to run around in the shower to get wet any more.

I met with the oncologist this Monday and got the go-ahead to start my last two rounds of chemotherapy. This time I met her alone because on my way to the appointment I got hit in an auto accident. Gen volunteered to stand in the rain (It rained 2 and a half inches that day) waiting for the tow truck while I took her car to the doctor's appointment. This, my friends, is true love in action.

The accident rattled me and added to an already generous amount of vulnerability I was feeling as a let-down after the surgery. However, since there was a 1-year old baby in the other car, I feel especially grateful that it was only metal that got hurt.

The oncologist was very encouraging. She believes we already have eliminated all of the cancer, but the research supports doing a total of four rounds of chemo to make sure no stray cells are left. After that I will have quarterly CT scans to be sure.

I began my third round of chemo today. Three weeks from now I will have the final round. We timed it so I will be able to best manage Thanksgiving and my sister Dona's visit from Belgium, and so that I WILL BE COMPLETELY DONE WITH ALL TREATMENT BY CHRISTMAS!


Dann and Genevieve