10/22/06 On the Mend

Family and Friends,

I am pleased to say that recovery is going better than I could have possibly hoped for. I arrived home yesterday after four days in the hospital. Yesterday Genevieve and I walked to the top of our street and back. Today we walked just under a mile round-trip up and down hills to the park near our home, and we're planning one more walk this afternoon. The wounds are healing nicely, and I'm now off all pain meds except ibuprofen.

Thank you all for your support throughout this unexpected turn of events in Genevieve's and my lives. I am absolutely certain that it has made, and continues to make, this whole process far less difficult than it would be alone.

Having Genevieve with me has been the greatest blessing of all. She has put on a courageous face even during the most difficult moments, and her love had given me the fuel to keep fighting with everything I have. Once in a lifetime, if you are extremely fortunate, this kind of love comes along.

Love to you all,

Dann and Genevieve